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To a certain extent, the bodywork ensures the stability of the car and connects many vehicle parts together. It also acts as an “outer skin” to protect against environmental influences, occupants and cargo. In accidents or when parking, the rear, front, roof or even the sides are often deformed. Many types of damage can be reshaped and perfectly repaired.
With our well-engineered CBR system, this damage can be repaired quickly and sustainably! Repair, not replacement, is the motto and is promoted and supported by the major expert organizations and insurance companies. With our repair concept, we make a significant contribution to sustainable and resource-saving repairs and ensure that the vehicle retains its value. For the body store, adding value to the repair is vital for survival. We make sure that most of the revenue from a repair remains with the workshop owner and does not go to the parts suppliers.

Body repair rethought

Carbon body repair system

A lot has happened in the car body and paint industry in recent years. New assembly techniques, body structures, more complex shapes, ever thinner and higher-strength sheet metal and the increasing use of mixed construction present repairers with tasks that can no longer be solved professionally using conventional methods and the knowledge of earlier days.

For a long time now, we have been collecting our ideas and our customers’ requests for improvements to the original Miracle system, but unfortunately our hands were often tied when it came to further developing the core components such as the pulling tools and power source in cooperation with the manufacturer. This allowed us to develop important innovations such as AluRepair and the gluing technology around the basic components in order to get the most out of the existing Miracle system – but nothing more.

We rely on local suppliers and service providers to manufacture the CBR. The CBR is MADE IN GERMANY except for a few components. The entire assembly and quality assurance process takes place directly at Carbon GmbH in Eigeltingen.

We are proud, because the effort was worth it. All users confirm this enthusiastically:

Once you have worked with the CBR, you will never pick up anything else again!

Innovation, quality &

It is a question of attitude and objectives why Carbon has been able to successfully maintain its position in Germany to this day. Carbon sees location protection as something that has the task of securing the prosperity of a community. Because only those who have orders can invest. And innovation is only possible if investments are made. Our know-how and our innovative products ensure the quality of your work on the vehicle. Quality based on decades of experience – that’s what you can expect from Carbon.

instead of renewing"

The experts agree: for more than 60 percent of all
bodywork damage, “repair instead of renewing” is clearly the better solution.

CBR Komponenten

CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ST-00

Einzelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-30

Doppelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-60

Erweiterungsset CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-80
*nur in CBR-021

CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

Füße für CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

CBR LineTool 160
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-60


CBR LineTool 100
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-100
*nur in CBR-021

Zweite Zugeinheit für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-200
*nur in CBR-021

CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-60

CBR Handzug- & Gleitzuggeräte
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ZH-01 | CBR-ZH-02

Hebel für LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-01

Halterung LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-09

Artikel-Nr. CM-029-22

Rückwand komplett für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029-05

Bügelgriff für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-08

Haken für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-04

Lenkrolle (2 Stück)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-01

Lenkrolle mit Bremse (2 Stück)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-02

CBR Ausbeulhämmer
Artikel-Nr. H01-HG| H03-H | H03-V

CBR-C1 PowerInverter
Artikel-Nr. CBR-C1

Kabel schwarz inkl. MultiTool Automatik (3,5m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-04

Kabel blau für EasyTool inkl. Klemme (3,5m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-08

Kabel anthrazit inkl. Masseklemme (3m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-02

Strom-Anschlussleitung mit Stecker (8m)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-06

Artikel-Nr. CM-060

BitCutter + Umrüstkit
Artikel-Nr. CBR-024

CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029

Artikel-Nr. CM-023

CBR Aufkleber-Set
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029-21


CBR Klebetechnik-Set EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CM-040

CBR Klebetechnik-Set
Artikel-Nr. MKS-100

CBR GlueTech+
Artikel-Nr. MGT-400