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Miracle Europe

The No. 1 for repair solutions

Miracle Europe

The No. 1 for repair solutions

"Repair instead of renew"

The car body pioneers!

With the new development of the CBR system, we have succeeded in creating a globally unique repair system made of pure carbon and carbon composite material - this makes it possible to significantly increase the repair rate for steel and aluminum sheets.

With our complete concepts of high-quality and ergonomic tools, efficient training, targeted know-how, marketing, technical support and constant innovation, you can take your business to the top.

When it comes to body repairs, only the perfect synergy of all individual components will give you a real advantage in the race for economic success, satisfied customers and the best possible repair results.

MIracle Europe

Miracle Europe has been offering comprehensive system solutions and training concepts for the innovative repair of body shells since 1997. Over 4,500 brand-affiliated car dealerships, independent garages, body and paint stores and repair service providers rely on our repair solutions. With our repair concepts, they all benefit from a significantly faster, smoother and high-quality repair of minor, medium and major damage to the body shell.
The market never stands still and nothing is as constant as change – which is why we are constantly working with our customers, expert organizations and car manufacturers to further develop our products and training concepts.

Information & Downloads

Repair examples CBR system

Body repair examples for the CBR system (steel) and Visar-AluRepair (aluminum).

Example calculation

Example calculation repair vs. new part

CARBON product information

The Carbon product overview for easy download.

CBR PushPull-System

The PushPull press from CARBON works with compressed air, weighs 3.7 kg and has a tensile or compressive force of 5.25 t. Thanks to the lightweight and slim design of the press, this tool is particularly suitable for use in poorly accessible damaged areas.

CBR spare parts catalog

You will find the correct designation and article number for all parts of the CBR system in the spare parts catalog. If you want to and can replace the defective part yourself, or if you need spare parts, please look up the corresponding article number in the list.

CBR Komponenten

CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ST-00

Einzelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-30

Doppelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-60

Erweiterungsset CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-80
*nur in CBR-021

CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

Füße für CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

CBR LineTool 160
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-60


CBR LineTool 100
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-100
*nur in CBR-021

Zweite Zugeinheit für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-200
*nur in CBR-021

CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-60

CBR Handzug- & Gleitzuggeräte
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ZH-01 | CBR-ZH-02

Hebel für LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-01

Halterung LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-09

Artikel-Nr. CM-029-22

Rückwand komplett für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029-05

Bügelgriff für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-08

Haken für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-04

Lenkrolle (2 Stück)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-01

Lenkrolle mit Bremse (2 Stück)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-02

CBR Ausbeulhämmer
Artikel-Nr. H01-HG| H03-H | H03-V

CBR-C1 PowerInverter
Artikel-Nr. CBR-C1

Kabel schwarz inkl. MultiTool Automatik (3,5m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-04

Kabel blau für EasyTool inkl. Klemme (3,5m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-08

Kabel anthrazit inkl. Masseklemme (3m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-02

Strom-Anschlussleitung mit Stecker (8m)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-06

Artikel-Nr. CM-060

BitCutter + Umrüstkit
Artikel-Nr. CBR-024

CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029

Artikel-Nr. CM-023

CBR Aufkleber-Set
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029-21


CBR Klebetechnik-Set EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CM-040

CBR Klebetechnik-Set
Artikel-Nr. MKS-100

CBR GlueTech+
Artikel-Nr. MGT-400