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3 in 1 - in perfection


Modern car bodies in the multi-material design [MMD]require a great deal of know-how as well as first-class and innovative repair solutions. AluRepair VISAR, the globally unique, high-performance 3-in-1 system, can be used to weld aluminum bits as well as threaded, ground and equipment carrier studs up to Ø 12 mm, and also to set special extraction studs for the rapid removal of self-pierce rivets. We provide you with the right know-how for MMD and aluminum repair in our training courses and seminars!

The evolution - the Carbon Alurepair concept

3 systems, 3 national awards - from pioneer to benchmark

The evolution of Carbon’s AluRepair concept began in 2008 with the first AluRepair system, which made it possible for the first time to apply specially alloyed aluminum bits to aluminum surfaces. Many tests and the final approval by AUDI laid the solid foundation for the continuous further development of the AluRepair devices up to today’s quality level. This development makes the AluRepair system not only the No. 1 in aluminum repair but also the benchmark in accident repairs.

Bundespreis 2008

AluRepair plus
Bundespreis 2015

AluRepair Visar
Bundespreis 2018

Everyone is talking about it, we'll show you how!

Aluminum bit technology

Self-pierce rivet pulling

Stud welding

The bolt chaos in the workshop is getting bigger and bigger since many spare parts are delivered without the necessary bolts. In practice, these are often not welded properly with MIG / MAG devices. The VISAR welds device carrier, threaded or ground studs from a wide range of manufacturers made of steel and aluminum up to 12 mm in diameter: simply enter the manufacturer’s spare part number and weld immediately with absolute process reliability!

Aluminum side panels

Before After

Aluminum screw parts

Before After

The AluRepair advantages at a glance

Invest cleverly

With AluRepair and the Miracle repair concept for sheet steel, you create the technical and economic basis for increasing returns and more added value in your business. Gain a competitive advantage and market your aluminum expertise to insurers, fleet customers and your private end customers.

Bundespreis 2008, 2015 & 2018

The AluRepair CMA-100 was awarded the Bundespreis for “Outstanding innovation for the trade” in 2008 and the AluRepair plus CMA-200 in 2015. The AluRepair Visar CMA-1200 received this award in 2018.

Certified by automobile manufacturer

AluRepair plus is approved by various car manufacturers and is prescribed as a repair standard.

Stud welding

In addition to welding on the Miracle aluminum bits, the AluRepair system is ideal for welding on ground, threaded, stud and tool carrier bolts made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Thanks to the high device output of 1,200 A, studs up to Ø 12 mm can be set reliably.

Pulling self-pierce rivets

Body parts are often joined together at the factory using self-pierce rivets. Attaching stainless steel bolts with the AluRepair system to pull the rivets cleanly is quicker, cleaner and easier than the time-consuming drilling of the connection points.

CBR Komponenten

CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ST-00

Einzelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-30

Doppelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-60

Erweiterungsset CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-80
*nur in CBR-021

CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

Füße für CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

CBR LineTool 160
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-60


CBR LineTool 100
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-100
*nur in CBR-021

Zweite Zugeinheit für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-200
*nur in CBR-021

CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-60

CBR Handzug- & Gleitzuggeräte
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ZH-01 | CBR-ZH-02

Hebel für LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-01

Halterung LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-09

Artikel-Nr. CM-029-22

Rückwand komplett für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029-05

Bügelgriff für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-08

Haken für CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-04

Lenkrolle (2 Stück)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-01

Lenkrolle mit Bremse (2 Stück)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-02

CBR Ausbeulhämmer
Artikel-Nr. H01-HG| H03-H | H03-V

CBR-C1 PowerInverter
Artikel-Nr. CBR-C1

Kabel schwarz inkl. MultiTool Automatik (3,5m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-04

Kabel blau für EasyTool inkl. Klemme (3,5m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-08

Kabel anthrazit inkl. Masseklemme (3m)
Artikel-Nr. C1-02

Strom-Anschlussleitung mit Stecker (8m)
Artikel-Nr. CM-029-06

Artikel-Nr. CM-060

BitCutter + Umrüstkit
Artikel-Nr. CBR-024

CBR Systemwagen
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029

Artikel-Nr. CM-023

CBR Aufkleber-Set
Artikel-Nr. CBR-029-21


CBR Klebetechnik-Set EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CM-040

CBR Klebetechnik-Set
Artikel-Nr. MKS-100

CBR GlueTech+
Artikel-Nr. MGT-400